Dec 11 2019

A Husband’s Voice: Grief Personified

From the Author: “A husband’s internal struggles when faced with infertility issues are just as profound as his spouse’s. Early on in an infertility journey, optimism takes the form of hope. The number of unsuccessful attempts to have children can quickly tick upwards, with months of trying turning to years. Hopeful feelings and a strong... Read more »
May 12 2017

Surrogate Jasmynn S from CA

Surrogate Jasmynn S from CA: “My SURRO journey To think…finding the perfect match, waiting for contracts and approvals, going to tons of doctors appts, getting blood drawn nearly every week, shooting myself with hormones in my backside and my tummy as well as taking a few other hormones through pills and patches, driving to LA... Read more »
Oct 31 2016

Thank you GSMOMS!

“Thank you for everything. Everyone has been amazing so far. My coordinator, Elizabeth, goes over every little detail with me. I’m excited I was able to meet the interned father before matching… When I came to town to visit another coordinator, Lindsey,  was fantastic and really helpful taking me to the meeting and showing me around. I’m so happy I... Read more »
Oct 20 2016

Thank you GSMoms!

When I heard about GSMoms I didn’t know what to expect. As I started the journey, I contacted the Agency and left a message. I was very fast contacted by Kayla Reveal. Kayla is very smart, professional, sensitive, and very experienced in the field. She is always fast to reply to any question or request,... Read more »