Jun 2 2021

Getting ready to apply to be a surrogate with an agency?

Getting ready to apply to be a surrogate with an agency?


Perhaps you saw an ad for a surrogacy company or a friend/coworker was talking to you about being a surrogate. You feel that tug to help someone become a parent. After doing research and talking with your support people, you decide to apply to be a surrogate. Are you wondering what the application process might be and what you need to do to prepare for it? Look no further! Here is a list of the most common items that an agency will ask you to complete before becoming a surrogate.

  1. Complete an application that is provided by the agency
  2. Supply all names, phone numbers, and addresses for hospitals and medical doctors that you have seen during your pregnancies and your recent well woman checkup. This will be used to request medical records. You will need to sign a medical records release form.
  3. Have your OB write a clearance letter stating you are ok to be a surrogate. NOTE: some agencies/clinics already have a form that the OB can fill out.
  4. Provide information for your profile including family pictures.
  5. Your agency will run a background check on all adults living in the house
  6. Submit your ID and your spouse’s ID, paystubs, and insurance information
  7. Fill out information regarding compensation otherwise known as a fee schedule or benefit package. Some agencies have a standard one that you need to agree to, others allow you to set your own fees. At GSMoms, we allow you to set your own fees.
  8. Do a psychological evaluation with a mental health professional that specializes in 3rd party reproduction. Your agency will arrange this for you.
  9. Complete a medical exam with the IVF clinic that your Intended Parents are using.

Many of these items you can gather while you are researching and just getting ready to move forward with your surrogacy journey. If you are unable to get the OB clearance before you apply, that is ok. Some agencies will accept them anytime during the application process.

Many times surrogates are excited to start their journey and the list looks long. Do not let the length of the list discourage you! The process can be quick if you provide the information to the agency quickly. The item that can take the longest is requesting medical records from your medical providers. If you provide that as one of the first items, the agency can request your records while you complete the rest of the application process. Beware of any agency that skips any of these items. If they skip things during the application process, who knows what else they might skimp on.

Being a surrogate is an amazing journey. Finding the right agency and the right Intended Parents makes all the difference. If you would like to apply to be a surrogate with GSMoms you can click here to begin the process https://www.gsmoms.com/news/becoming-a-surrogate/

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