The pros and cons of becoming a surrogate

Surrogacy is a typically a wonderful experience. The joy of seeing the parents' faces when they hold their baby for the first time is a moment that is very hard to explain and rivals even those moments with your own babies. The pros of becoming a surrogate include:
Fulfilling someone's dream: All Intended Parents have their story of struggle that has brought them to the moment of needing a surrogate. Every story is different but every one ends with a need for the help of an amazing woman to help them achieve their dream of family. You will never forget the moment when you see them hold their baby for the first time. You can make a difference in this world that will ripple through the eternities. Surrogacy makes their family possible, are you that surrogate? Do you want to make a difference in the world? Connection with the Intended Parents: It is so wonderful to go through a pregnancy with a couple that has waited so long to have a child! It is such a special time to share together that often the bond and friendship that is created during this time will last a life time!

One of the questions we ask when every Surrogate and Intended Parent applies to GSMoms is what kind of relationship you would like to have with your Surrogate or Intended Parents, then we work to match Surrogates and Intended Parents together that want a similar relationship.

If you want a close relationship with your parents modern technology can make that possible regardless of how far apart you live from each other! We have Intended Parents that Skype in for each doctor's appointment and facetime regularly with their surrogate. Also, Wechat can even translate in real time from the Intended Parents' language into the Surrogate's language.

Now, regardless of where everyone lives you can have a close relationship if that is what you choose. If you choose a more business like relationship with your Intended Parents or your Surrogate you can find that too. Every journey is unique and can be tailored to your dream journey!

Compensation: Your Intended Parents realize that pregnancy is not an easy journey and they appreciate your willingness to go through this process for them. To compensate you, you will receive a monthly allowance, a base fee and then additional fees for maternity clothing, transfer, invasive procedures, etc. At GSMoms you get to set your own fees! We are happy to help you understand the current market so you can set your fees right where you want them to get the journey you want.

Many surrogates use this monthly income to stay home with their children instead of getting a job outside the home, others choose to continue their employment and save their surrogacy income to put a down payment on a home, do fun things with their children, go back to school or a variety of other amazing things! How will you use your surrogacy income?

The cons of becoming a surrogate include:
Travel Restrictions: Once you are pregnant you will not be able to leave the country until after you deliver. This is because laws in other countries regarding surrogacy are not the same and they may not recognize the Intended Parents as the rightful parents of the baby. 

Also, with warmer weather upon us you will not be allowed to travel to any location with Zika for six weeks prior to transfer and throughout the pregnancy. Make sure you follow the ivf clinic or your OB's directions regarding Zika precautions. These restrictions may seem inconvenient but they are to ensure your health and the health of the baby and the rights of the Intended Parents are protected.

Monitoring appointments: You will have monitoring appointments once a week for three weeks prior to transfer to ensure that the medication is working correctly and your uterine lining is optimal for transfer and conducive for a positive pregnancy. Monitoring may be inconvenient but it is only a few weeks and well worth it to insure a successful pregnancy!

Gestational Surrogate Moms, Inc. (GSMoms) is a full-service surrogacy and egg donor agency that focuses on keeping the most significant decision in life - that of starting a family - a personal experience. Whether you are an intended parent, surrogate, egg donor, clinical partner and/or sister agency, you will always feel our level of commitment. Our GSMoms family will work you through this process, and treat you with the care you deserve during such a critical time in your life. 

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