Jun 25 2015

March 29th, 2015 Transfer Day!

“It was the most amazing thing to see the little embryo in the picture the IVF doctor gave to me and then to see the ultrasound when it was transferred. It was that moment in time I knew that this was the start of an amazing journey for some wonderful parents.” “I am now almost... Read more »
Jun 25 2015

Egg Donor Krista777 in California

“It was a pleasure working with you all, as you were all so helpful and knowledgable. You answered any questions in a timely manner and had such leniency with my crazy schedule! I would absolutely work with you all again, and appreciate everything you have done!” Egg Donor Krista777 in... Read more »
Jun 25 2015

Egg Donor Kris085 in Connecticut

“The whole process was really enjoyable! As the egg donor coordinator, Kayla answered emails immediately, made arrangements for travel, worked around my schedule and helped dispel any apprehension by answering questions truthfully and allowing me to travel with my friend on both trips. The clinic in San Francisco was professional. I was treated with courtesy... Read more »
Jun 25 2015

A Triple Blessing!

You are about to read our story of determination, sacrifice, support and incredible teamwork. Over the last 3.5 years in particular, Angelique and I have endured a lot of heartache.  Our own journey has been extensive:  After 6 IVF attempts (3 fresh IVF cycles and 2 frozen embryo transfers), 7.5 total years of heartbreaking pregnancy... Read more »
Jun 25 2015

IPs Michael and Angelique Cave from California

My wife and I highly recommend GMoms to any intended parents looking for either a surrogate and/or an egg donor.  We are very happy with the services they have provided, and will continue to recommend them to anyone seeking assistance with their family planning efforts.  Here’s why: Lisa As the Surrogate Program Coordinator, Lisa brings... Read more »
Jun 25 2015

IP Lena, Hong Kong Client

We have been working with and have known with Lisa and her company almost two years. She has a lot of experience in this area and her company works in a very professional way. She works with a wonderful professional doctor team and attorney with many years of experience. Lisa gave us a lot of... Read more »
Jun 25 2015

IP Kevin, U.S. client

Lisa and her company answered, in detail, all of our questions and addressed our concerns.  She would return my calls and answer my emails promptly and kept us informed on every step of the process.  In addition to the excellent, worry-free service that all of the team members provided, Lisa and her team had the largest selection of... Read more »
Jun 22 2015

The Doona Carseat/Stroller has arrived!

  The Doona made it’s first debut at Mercy San Juan Hospital to bring home a newborn baby girl. The nurse was amazed to find out that the stroller that was brought into the room was also the car seat. No other attachments were needed. A brief demonstration of how it worked was shown to... Read more »

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