May 26 2021

Tips for photos for your profile!

One of the first impressions that Intended Parents have of a surrogate is the information on their profile. One item that is almost always included on a profile is pictures. You might be wondering what type of pictures should you put on your profile.  Here are some helpful tips for picking your photos:   Photos... Read more »
May 7 2021

Just The Facts: For those impacted by Omega Insurance Bankruptcy!

For those impacted by Omega Insurance Bankruptcy here is a link to the website put together by the court appointed liquidators with information and updates on the process. All updates should be posted here. Omega Insurance Company sold a product named “Pregnancy Care” that was insurance that covered surrogate pregnancies. Ryan Park testified in bankruptcy court... Read more »
Apr 28 2021

Just the Facts: The type of relationship you have with your IPs has more to do with the people than where they live

Many Surrogates wonder what factors help create a close relationship with their Intended Parents. Many think that if they have Intended Parents that live near them, or speak the same language, or have hobbies in common that this will ensure a close relationship. The reality is that each match is unique. You can have a... Read more »
Apr 14 2021

Just the Facts! Your go to place for the real information!

Just the Facts Here at GSMoms, we have gotten a little frustrated with the sensationalism in the media today. The amount of inaccurate and misleading information being presented as fact is staggering, especially in the complex area of third-party reproduction. On social media, you usually get opinions from people that have done a journey or... Read more »
Apr 13 2021

Escrow Being Open!

Congratulations to RG on moving forward! Records were approved by the parents’ clinic and the match has been finalized. The intended parents are opening their escrow account soon and then she will attend medical screening. #TeamGSMOMS #SurrogacySteps

Apr 11 2021

Medically Cleared!

Congratulations to MK in Hawaii and her husband on receiving medical clearance! They will now move on to the contract stage of their journey. We are so excited for everyone on this wonderful news! #TeamGSMOMS #SurrogacySteps