Nicole Interview - Interested in Becoming Surrogacy

When did you hear about surrogacy and why did you first decide to become a surrogate?
I actually first heard about surrogacy maybe around 2011 when I had my second son. I was interested in it and I did not pursue it at the time. I revisited the idea in around 2014 after I had my third son, at that time I was breastfeeding him so I couldn't do it, but I kept doing research and I had a friend who decided to go through with the same agency that I went through. Everything worked out for her so I decided to move forward with it.

How did that conversation go? Who brought up surrogacy first and why?
She did, she brought it up first and it was in the back of my mind and we talked about it. She told me she found this agency and so I told her she could go first, at that time I had heard a lot of bad stories and I did not want to get caught in any of that. But, everything went very smoothly for her and I decided to go with the same agency she went with the year after.

Can you point to a specific moment when it clicked and you were like ok, I'm going to do this?
For me it was months after and she was telling me about how all the paperwork was filed. I did not even think that you needed a pre-birth order or attorney documents filed to be a surrogate between the surrogate and the intended parent. That made me realize that everything would be taken care of and no one is going to come after you like years later for child support or something. That is what made me decide to go ahead with it.

Tell me about starting your surrogacy journey. How did that first start out? How far back was this?
That was in December 2015, I finally went ahead and decided to apply. I cannot remember who the intake person was that was so long ago, they sent me profile information and got other information. I filled that out and turned it back in and from there and got the process started. They put my profile up and then after that, I received a profile from a man that was interested in matching with me and then we had our video chat and then from there we decided to work together.

So, you were matched with pretty much the first intended parent you met?

Tell me about this first surrogacy journey, can you give me a fond memory from the first parts of being a surrogate, the first couple of months?
The first couple of months I had really bad morning sickness so that was no fun. I would say probably after that was over and I was out and about more and I started showing, people would ask me questions. My best memories are probably when people ask me questions and just being able to educate them on what a gestational surrogate is, the process and explain to them exactly what a gestational surrogate is versus a traditional surrogate versus adoption. That was helpful for me making sure everybody - my friends, my family knew everything about surrogacy.

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