When reviewing an egg donor database, there are multiple factors to consider about the donor

Once the decision has been made to find an egg donor, which characteristics should be considered first? The vast majority of women who donate their eggs do so because they want to help other people. Our donor understand that their donation might make someone's dream of becoming a family come true. All prospective egg donors go through a series of tests to ensure that their fertility levels are high and that the donation process is minimally invasive. Our egg donors don't smoke, are physically and mentally fit and are of prime childbearing age.

When considering a donor, physical characteristics are considered to be one of the single most important donor considerations. Many families are looking to expand with the same characteristics already present; including hair color, eye color and skin type. Finding similar qualities in a donor may be very important to the intended parents. If appearance is not a major concern, your choices widen accordingly.

At GS Moms we feel it is important for our clients to gain a sense of our egg donor's personality by answering a series of rich and complex questions that give our intended parents insight into the personality of their donor.

Apart from the basic requirements to be an egg donor for GS Moms, there are medical history facts including blood type that are taken into consideration. Medical history on the side of both parties can contribute to the success of the pregnancy. Blood type is often taken into consideration to allow inter-family blood donations or other procedures that may require compatible blood types. Furthermore, if the child's blood type is not a possible combination of the parents' blood type, that may lead the child to discover they are not completely biologically related.

GS Moms matches intended parents with egg donors through our extensive egg donor database. The majority of GS Mom's matches are anonymous in nature. However, there are a number of 'known egg donors' contributing to the database. Ultimately, the choice is up to the intended parent whether or not, and to what extent, to keep the process confidential.

According to Lisa Stark-Hughes of GS Moms, "Hopeful parents have many options when it comes to starting a family, and parents should consider all of the benefits and challenges of egg donation and surrogacy before committing to the process."

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