Jun 9 2021

Is there Timeline for surrogacy?

Is there Timeline for surrogacy?

Becoming a gestational carrier is a very exciting process. Once you sign up and make the decision to move forward- it can be very nerve wracking and can seem overwhelming. Many assume that as soon as they decide to begin that they will be pregnant right away or have a timeline of when it is convenient to be. That is why it’s wonderful to be able to help out with some facts on the timeline of the process.

Once you have made the decision to begin the process you will have a few weeks of time as your medical records are being gathered. This is time that can be used to research and ask any questions you may have about the next steps. Intended parents will slowly be sent your profile. This time frame can be around a month on average depending on how many records you have and how long it has been since the last delivery.

After you have been “matched” you will have your psychological evaluation and medical screening. These are depending on you period and what days the clinic can see you. Normally it is within the month of matching or the next- depending on your cycle. The psychological portion can normally be from the comfort of your own home, or in clinic.

Moving on to legal and contracts can seem like it may take a long time. But depending on the availability for both sides and the attorneys, it can be moved quickly. Three weeks to a month is a average length for this step. It can be longer or shorter depending on the needs of the parties as well.

As contracts are complete. The intended parents clinic will be moving forward with a calendar for monitoring and the future transfer. The actual calendar and appointment amounts vary per clinic but its normal for it to take two and a half weeks- from start of medications to transfer. We would normally know if a transfer was successful within ten to fourteen days after. If it was not we would begin the calendar as advised by the doctor to begin again. So the timeline can vary. From then it is a standard pregnancy with the hopeful outcome of a healthy baby.

So as you see, there can be a vast difference in the amount of time a surrogacy can take. There is not a rush when becoming aa surrogate and you should take the time and be comfortable and flexible with the process.

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