Ready to start a weight-loss journey?
by Alexander Stark

Everyone, at least at one point in their life wonders what it would take to lose some weight, whether it be after a career change, after carrying a child, or after moving to a new place. When this time comes many people turn to diet books to aid them. In fact, diet books are a billion-dollar industry in the united states alone. Unfortunately, weight management is unique for every individual, but many weight loss books ask you to make extreme sacrifices to your current eating habits and make broad recommendations, as if they will apply to everyone. But what if I told you that it is possible to reduce your weight without giving up anything?

Many diets ask you to give up foods that you were raised on and that you have come to love, and this can make it very hard to change how you eat. The first thing I think I should point out is the tips I am going to give you today are designed to make weight-loss easier, but it will also be much slower than other techniques. The biggest advantage is that it will be much easier to maintain because you will not have to give up anything to have success. These tips that I am about to give you are simple techniques that you can try at your own pace, you may not notice the changes at first but after a few months you should see some success without having to make sacrifices.

Eat from a smaller plate
Have you ever heard the saying your eyes are bigger than your stomach? Well in fact, there is merit to the concept of this saying. The size of your plate can have a big impact on how much you eat, if you fill a big plate with food, you can sometimes feel obligated to finish your food, in order to not look wasteful. By using a smaller plate, you can eat less without even noticing the change.

Thinking of starting a weight-loss journey?
Thinking about reducing your weight? Learn more and find out whether you're a ready to take your first steps.

Working on your weight-loss journey?
Ready to take some bigger steps in achieving your weight-loss goals? Following these tips and techniques and take control of what you eat.

Multiple smaller servings are better than 1 big serving
This one plays off the last tip, it is better to go back for seconds then to stuff as much as you can on one plate, this can help by making you more aware of how much you are eating while also requiring you to get up for more which can be just enough of a deterrent if you are almost full.

Be consistent and do not wait till you are hungry.
Have you ever gone to the grocery store when you are hungry and bought way more then you were planning? That concept can hold true for eating in general. It is better to eat around the same day on a regular basis instead of waiting until you feel hungry. If you wait until you physically feel hungry you will tend to eat more than you need. This does not mean you need to eat at the exact same time every day, but it is best to eat in the same ball park time each day and to eat even if your tummy is not rumbling yet.

As you can see it is possible to make changes that can help you with weight management without giving up anything. If you are on edge about committing to a big change, it helps to take small steps and see if it works for you. You can always increase or decrease the intensity to a comfortable level, and remember that the most important thing is that you should do what is best for you.

Exercise tip
Did you know that jogging for as little as 10 min a day can help you reduce your blood pressure for the rest of the day? If you can lower your systolic blood pressure by an average of 5 mmHg you can reduce your chance of heart disease by almost 10%.