Oct 31 2016

Thank you GSMOMS!

“Thank you for everything. Everyone has been amazing so far. My coordinator, Elizabeth, goes over every little detail with me. I’m excited I was able to meet the interned father before matching… When I came to town to visit another coordinator, Lindsey,  was fantastic and really helpful taking me to the meeting and showing me around. I’m so happy I... Read more »
Oct 31 2016

Match meeting!

Soon to be surrogate Amanda from Oklahoma enjoyed a quick trip to California this weekend to meet an intended parent. Everyone involved enjoyed a fun dinner together and we see an official match happening... Read more »
Oct 30 2016

MJ from Texas!

MJ from Texas on her way to her 2nd monitoring appointment yesterday. One more and she’ll be heading to transfer. We are so excited for you and your... Read more »
Oct 29 2016

Meds calendar!

Amber T from California received her meds calendar from the clinic! She has started meds, and is preparing for a November transfer. Amber is very... Read more »
Oct 29 2016

Twins bump debut!

Surrogate Bridget in Arizona saved her bump debut for Halloween weekend. She just started her second trimester and is carrying twins for the proud parents to be. Have a great weekend, Bridget, and thanks for sharing with... Read more »