Amanda Interview - About Surrogacy

How did you first find out about surrogacy and why did it seem like a good idea for you?
Our best friends were struggling to have kids, and we offered to carry a baby for them, my husband and I. I really did. We talked about it and they were an amazing aunt and uncle to my children and so I knew they would be great parents. It was horrible watching them struggle, it just wasn't fair that they couldn't have kids. So we offered, and they said they were going to do their last try at IVF and see if it works, and it magically worked. So they were pregnant and we were like, ok, this is wonderful, and we ended up having our next daughter, and then our oldest daughter who was still little at the time, she asked our neighbor one day "how come you don't have kids?" and the neighbor, she was in her 60s she said "well, we couldn't have kids" and she was like "well, why not?" because you know, she was a little kid, she doesn't know, and my neighbor said "I tried to have babies and I couldn't have babies" and Julie said "well my mom can have a baby for you". Then neighbor said "well, that's very nice, you know we are a little old for that now" and she was like" people do that, that was not really around when we wanted to have kids. But people do that now". And Julie was like "ok mom you should do that". My husband and I laughed, but then it kind of started us thinking about it, you know because we had already offered, and we were already in the mindset, but that was our best friend, but then we thought we could do that! We could do that! I don't know, so I googled it and GS Moms popped up. They were the first thing, I don't know how it happened, but I saw that. I remember emailing Lisa, it was like totally random at like 10 o'clock at night and she responded immediately and she was like "fill this application out, you could totally be a surrogate" and I thought "oh my gosh, this is happening". I remember I had not even told my husband that I had emailed her. We talked about it a little bit but then I emailed Lisa, I filled out the application and I was looking at everything. This is what we talk about a lot in our family how if we see there is a problem then it is our job to fix it. If we know that we can help someone then we need to do that. We see that there are people who want kids and we don't want anymore, but we could carry for them so why not. So then when Lisa called and said that she has some people that are interested in you, then I had to tell my husband I did something. I signed up to do this and he was like "ok, then let's do it". We interviewed with three different families and every single story broke our hearts. There was one, my husband still talks about it now, it was the most awkward, we were all sitting at breakfast, Lisa was there, my husband and this other couple. The wife was crying, and I was crying and it was like we want to help everyone we can. We ended up matching with a different couple and became really great friends with them and then I ended up carrying their second daughter. It was wonderful, I carried both of their kids, and I had my two kids and now I work for the company. I think it is an amazing wonderful thing that people can do.

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