Jul 7 2021

Are you wondering how involved your partner will need to be in the surrogacy process?

Are you wondering how involved your partner will need to be in the surrogacy process? There are a few different aspects of the process that need your partner’s support and cooperation depending on the level of your relationship. So how involved does your partner really need to be?

If you are unmarried- then you may think you will not have to worry about this question, but even a boyfriend/girlfriend/or any sexual partner during the journey- will still need to be involved to a certain degree. For these cases, normally the intended parents’ clinic will require blood work and a urine sample from your partner. This will clear them for any drugs, STDs, or issues that may have a negative impact on a pregnancy.

If you are legally married there will be a little bit more asked of them in the process rather than the couples who are dating. For a legally married partner, and that includes couples who are not together but are still legally married, the clinic will still require the same bloodwork and urine sample as stated above as a part of the surrogate’s medical screening. But there will also be a portion of the surrogate’s psychological screening that they will need to attend as well. Lastly, they will also have to sign the contract between the surrogate and intended parents. It is crucial paperwork stating they support this journey and know that any resulting child, is not their child.

Sometimes divorce happens. That does not count a surrogate out. If you are in this category not much is needed from your partner. If you have filed for separation or divorce, then the surrogate is still seen as single in the eyes of the law. You should wait, however, until any stressful legal battles are over from your divorce before beginning a surrogacy journey.

We hope this helps explain and alleviate some of the questions you may have about the involvement process of your partner and the amazing journey you are thinking about taking. It is very important to have the support of your partner, along with anyone else who is close to you- to help make this journey and pregnancy a positive experience.

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