Jul 31 2017

Talk about yummy!!

Talk about yummy!!! Surrogate CS and her husband enjoyed a couples only weekend trip. She shared this delicious brunch photo with us. CS says she has been craving fruit and this hit the spot.        ... Read more »
Jul 30 2017

Natural cycle!

Michele from NV will be doing a “natural cycle” and will start monitoring her ovulation tomorrow. With a natural cycle, Michele will not need to be on hormone medication but instead once the precise date of her ovulation is set then her uterine lining should be receptive for transfer 5 days later and she will... Read more »
Jul 29 2017

Surrogate Alexia H from California had her transfer today!

Surrogate Alexia H from California had her transfer today. She looks absolutely radiant in her special lucky transfer outfit! Coordinator Michelle enjoyed keeping her company on transfer day. “It was amazing to be able to share stories of our husbands and children. One of the many perks of being a coordinator are the relationships you... Read more »
Jul 28 2017

sticky vibes!!

Surrogate Alexia H from CA is on her way to check into her hotel. We will be sending her sticky vibes for her transfer tomorrow. Many surrogates have various superstition that they follow for transfer. Such as eating McDonald french fries, chowing down on pineapple core, and wearing lucking green socks. Stay tuned to see... Read more »