May 26 2021

Tips for photos for your profile!

One of the first impressions that Intended Parents have of a surrogate is the information on their profile. One item that is almost always included on a profile is pictures. You might be wondering what type of pictures should you put on your profile.  Here are some helpful tips for picking your photos:


  • Photos should be bright, in-focus, and show you as the focal point. Try to avoid: photos where the brightest light is behind you, causing your face to be in darkness; photos where there are shadows on your face; and photos that are blurry.
  • Select a variety of images that capture your family life and personality. We suggest a minimum of 5 photos.
  • Your photos should include full body pictures of yourself, pictures of you with your spouse, and pictures with you with your children. Try to avoid selfie photos, photos taken in mirrors, and photos that have boarders and stickers on them.
  • Pay attention to clothing and surroundings in your picture. You want to represent your family and personality, not your bathroom or your car.

Family photos are not always easy to accomplish. Here are some useful tips:

  • Find a background that complements your family. You do not want anyone to blend into the background. Nature is great for backgrounds and free.
  • Check the focus of your camera to make sure the people in the picture are in focus.
  • Check that lighting is correct so no shadows or darkness
  • Candid photos make some of the best photos. Do not be afraid to include both Candid and planned pictures in your profile.
  • Have fun taking your pictures. Some of the best photos are the ones that are fun and show everyone’s personality instead of the serious planned ones. If you do not get the pictures you want that day, do not be afraid to stop and try another day. Kids (and grownups) are not always in the best mood and it is ok to recognize this and try again later.
  • If you do not have photos that you feel are good for your profile, set a day as a photo day. Everyone can change clothes and take a variety of pictures.


If you have any questions about a specific photo, your agency is there to help. They can look over photos and let you know if they recommend including it on your profile or not. Do not be afraid to ask family, friends, and support people to help capture a family moment with their camera/phone. Some of those pictures are the best ones!



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