Are you between the ages of 21-35, have had an uncomplicated pregnancy and want to help others? Maybe gestational surrogacy is right for you. Apply today!
Build your family’s future by helping others build families of their own.

Some parents need some help in order to achieve their dream of having a family. Are you one of the special women that is willing to help them achieve their dream? Surrogates carry the biological child of the Intended Parents and need your help to make their family a reality. If you are interested in meeting new people, creating a great relationship, and making some money to help your own family, then becoming a surrogate may be right choice for you!

These hopeful parents are looking for a Gestational Surrogate who meets the following requirements:
  • Kind and compassionate
  • Between the ages of 21 and 35
  • Have had at least one child
  • Uncomplicated pregnancies
  • BMI 30 or below

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Thank you for your interest in Gestational Surrogate Moms, Inc. The best way to get started as an Egg Donor, Surrogate Mother, or Intended Parent is by filling out one of our applications. However, if you need to contact us for any reason, feel free to email us or use the contact form below.

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1390 Broadway Suite B-346 Placerville, CA 95667



1390 Broadway Suite B-346
Placerville, CA 95667