The surrogacy process- How to become a surrogate

Being a gestational surrogate is one of the most amazing gifts you could possibly give. We are here to assist in making this experience positive and memorable for you. We look forward to working with you through your surrogate journey. Please let us know if you have any questions at all!

Your Profile and Photos
Your profile and photos are the intended parents' first impression of you. Parents use the profile and photos to help them make the best decision possible in the beginning stages of looking for a surrogate. Having your profile completed in full with good photos will ensure a great first impression! Use complete sentences and give as much detail as possible. Make sure you complete all the information for every pregnancy you have had. If you have had more than two pregnancies, simply copy and paste the questions under "Prior pregnancies" and answer the questions for each pregnancy in chronological order.

Select 4-6 photos of yourself that you feel best reflects who you are. At least one of them should be a photo showing you from head to toe, at least one of them showing you with your child/children and one picture of you with your whole family. Think "family friendly" photos when making your selection of photos to send in to us.

Sometimes our parents like to see a video of their potential surrogate. This is another way for them to get to know you a little bit better before they make their selection. We ask that you send in a short 2 minute video stating your first name only, the state in which you live and why you would like to be a surrogate. This is something that should be fun and friendly and is best if someone is able to take the video for you or set your phone up so you are not holding it.

Fee Schedule
Your fee schedule lets the parents know what fees will be associated with your surrogacy, all of this is broken down in the fee schedule. You are able to set your own fees with GS Moms and we are happy to help guide you through this process if you should need it. The base fee is what will be most prominent to the parents. All the other fees on the fee schedule are in addition to the base fee. A sample fee schedule has been included in your packet to help you see what is an average for surrogates. Please sign the fee schedule with your full name (not typed). All fees you state on your fee schedule will be part of the contract process so keep that in mind when filling out your fee schedule. Once you sign your fee schedule you are stating you have agreed to all those fees. Prior to parents being interested in your profile you can change your fees, but after that you cannot change these fees as they are considered by the intended parents a part of the matching process.

Medical Release Form
We will need to obtain all your medical records for each pregnancy you have had. Fill out one form for each OB you have seen. Be sure to completely fill out each one including physician's name, address, phone number, your name, name on records if different from your current name, your date of birth and a signature. A fax number can be obtained by calling your doctor's office. This form must be either printed and signed or signed electronically. Electronic signatures can be accomplished using a number of different apps on your phone or on a computer using Acrobat Reader. A typed signature will not be accepted by your doctor's office and will delay the process of getting your records.

Agency Agreement
After your profile, photos, fee schedule and medical release forms have been turned in we will send you the agency agreement. Please review the agency agreement in its entirety, sign and send back to your recruiter along with a copy of your driver's license.

The HART Program
We work with parents from different walks of life all around the world. We are proud to work with intended parents from The HART Program, a program that has been in practice for over 20 years with thousands of success stories. The HART program gives intended fathers who are HIV positive the opportunity to have their own biological child with zero risk of the virus passing on to the child or to the surrogate. Intended fathers are required to have a zero viral load for at least six months prior to qualifying for the HART program. We will need to know if you are open to working with parents from the HART program. Please take some time and review their website at If after reviewing the website you are still undecided, we are happy to arrange a phone consultation for you to talk to Dr. Kolb and/or Dr. Bowers in order to have all your questions and concerns addressed so that you can make a completely informed decision.

Background Check
A complete background check will be run on you and any partner/spouse you live with. Please let us know if you and/or your partner/spouse have any judgements, liens, bankruptcies or felonies which will be revealed in the background check so that we can understand the circumstances behind it to be certain you will meet the requirements in becoming a surrogate.
Intake Call

Once we have received all of your forms, our intake coordinator will be getting in contact with you to schedule a video call. The purpose of this call is to get to know each other a little bit better, talk about matching and the parents you would like to work with, talk about the process of becoming a surrogate, and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Your profile and photos will not be shown until the intake call has been completed.

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