Apr 14 2021

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Just the Facts

Here at GSMoms, we have gotten a little frustrated with the sensationalism in the media today. The amount of inaccurate and misleading information being presented as fact is staggering, especially in the complex area of third-party reproduction. On social media, you usually get opinions from people that have done a journey or two and their experience, while valid, is their experience and with state and local laws changing and varying so much, it can be very confusing.

In order to address these factors, GSMoms has decided to start a column called “Just the Facts”. We will address a variety of issues in the third-party reproduction world and if there are a variety of viewpoints, we will share all of them with you. We are not looking to sway anyone one way or another (except that you should follow all relevant laws), we are just hoping to give you a place where you can look up an issue without the sensationalism and bias that we have seen elsewhere.

Please watch for our upcoming articles each Wednesday here at https://www.gsmoms.com/news/

If you would like to submit a question, please email us at contact@gsmoms.com and put “Just the Facts” in the subject.


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