Oct 4 2019

GS Moms is an advocate for Lesbian Couples

GS Moms believes that every couple deserves the opportunity to grow their family. Each couple can explore the variety of options and choose the path to parenthood that is right for you. GS Moms will advocate for you and your family as we navigate the options available together.

What are some fertility options available to lesbian couples?

Expanding your family can be achieved in a variety of ways and GS Moms can provide a number of fertility options specifically for lesbian couples. Our family planning strategy focuses on the creation of an embryo that is able to be transferred to a person capable of carrying a pregnancy.

(Reciprocal IVF) – In some instances, clients have opted to carry each other’s child. When this happens, eggs are retrieved from one or both partners and then embryos are developed from one or both partner’s eggs and the same sperm donor. The pregnancy is carried by the partner not genetically related to the egg. Some lesbian couples have stated that this increases the familial bond in a tangible way.

Gestational Surrogacy – Once an embryo is developed from eggs from one or both partners and a sperm donor, it is transferred to a Gestational Surrogate who carries the pregnancy for the couple. Gestational Surrogacy means that the embryo has no genetic connection to the surrogate – the offspring remains the genetic child of the creators of the embryo.

IUI – Additional options available to lesbian couples include In-Uterine Insemination, or a procedure where a sperm donor’s genetic material is placed directly into the uterus where creation of an embryo takes place. This procedure will be timed to corelate with ovulation of the partner carrying the pregnancy.

Egg/Embryo Cryogenic Preservation – Additional options available to lesbian couples include preservation of eggs or embryos for pregnancies at a later date. Genetic material of this type can be cryogenically frozen for an indefinite period of time.


How do we start planning our family?

GS Moms is committed to lesbian couples and is dedicated to the LGBTQAI community. We provide services and resources at no extra cost to same-gender couples and work with affirming doctors, laboratories, staff and medical professionals at all levels. Fill out our quick Getting Started form here and we look forward to working with you!

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