Jul 20 2015

34 weeks pregnant with twins! I love being a surrogate!

“I wanted to be a surrogate for a few years, for a few different reasons.

For one, I love being pregnant. I have always had easy pregnancies and thought, “how hard could it be?” Another reason I wanted to be a surrogate, was because I was already given 3 blessings of my own children and could never imagine my life without them. My final reason was that if it wasn’t for IVF, I wouldn’t be here!

YES, my mom needed help having me and this was my way of completing the cycle.

Alisha 33 weeks  line11Even with all my reasons, I was really nervous at first, but knew – this is what I wanted to do! Then I was approached with joining the Hart program. Though I had no issue with being a surrogate and blessing a family, I was a bit worried that for any reason, if something should happen – what would happen to my family and my children?!
It took a lot of re-search and talking to the dr until I finally decided, “ Okay, I’ll do it – Everyone deserves the opportunity to be a parent.” Then I left it in Gods hands.

This surrogacy had been quite easy for me. My only complaint is that its now HOT! I’m 34 weeks pregnant with twins and still haven’t had very many symptoms. My coordinator Marlene has to keep reminding me to get my heels off, I’m pregnant! I’m so excited for the time to come to see these little blessings and how happy my Intended Father will be. I also cannot wait to be a surrogate again.

It’s one of the most amazing blessings Ive been able to be a part of!”

Surrogate A.B. in Pasadena, CA


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