Apr 14 2021

Just the Facts! Your go to place for the real information!

Just the Facts Here at GSMoms, we have gotten a little frustrated with the sensationalism in the media today. The amount of inaccurate and misleading information being presented as fact is staggering, especially in the complex area of third-party reproduction. On social media, you usually get opinions from people that have done a journey or... Read more »
Apr 13 2021

Escrow Being Open!

Congratulations to RG on moving forward! Records were approved by the parents’ clinic and the match has been finalized. The intended parents are opening their escrow account soon and then she will attend medical screening. #TeamGSMOMS #SurrogacySteps

Apr 11 2021

Medically Cleared!

Congratulations to MK in Hawaii and her husband on receiving medical clearance! They will now move on to the contract stage of their journey. We are so excited for everyone on this wonderful news! #TeamGSMOMS #SurrogacySteps

Apr 10 2021

Surrogacy Attorney Chosen!

Dads-to-be B+P have selected their surrogacy attorney for contracts! The retainer agreement was just sent out and work will begin soon. We are thrilled for them to be moving forward on their journey to baby. #TeamGSMOMS #SurrogacySteps

Apr 10 2021

Last Day of Birth Control

It’s the last day of birth control pills for T.E. as she prepares for the upcoming embryo transfer! We look forward to an update after her next monitoring appointment. #TeamGSMOMS #SurrogacySteps

Apr 9 2021

Medications Started!

T.E. in Oregon started her cycle meds this week! Sending her and the parents-to-be fluffy thoughts and well wishes as they prepare for their transfer date. #TeamGSMOMS #SurrogacySteps