Jul 20 2015

The most rewarding experience ever: Noel’s surrogacy journey

line 9 photo“My journey began 2 years ago when I was matched with a sweet caring man from Israel. After speaking with him I knew immediately that this was meant to be…and so our journey began.

We spoke often via Skype and email throughout the entire journey throughout the days leading up to the embryo transfer. Our first attempt was in April 2014. We transferred three embryos and unfortunately they did not take. So we continued on and in September my life partner Pamela and myself flew to Connecticut where two embryos were transferred. This time it was a big success as the test results came back that I was pregnant with a singleton!

We were beyond ecstatic! We continued our everyday routine going to work and tending to my 12 year old son, Nathan. At 20 weeks, we found out I was carrying a girl. My Gsmoms coordinator, Michelle, and my partner Pamela were there as they were both a big part of this journey as well. We immediately called the intended father to let him know that he was going to have a baby girl. He was really excited.

As my pregnancy progressed and I was further along, where I can feel her kick and move it became more real to me that in just a short few months I would be giving this man the greatest gift of all. LIFE….So in April we finally got to meet the Intended Father in person. We met him at a restaurant along with our coordinators, Michelle, Lisa, and Celeste. This was the moment that he got to feel his baby kick and hiccup for the first time.

In May he returned for the birth of his daughter. We hung out and talked almost everyday. On June 1st the baby was born. She was perfect. Her daddy was instantly in LOVE. As I lay there watching them I couldn’t help but cry tears of joy, that I was blessed to be able to do such an amazing thing. The love in his eyes when he looked at his baby girl, priceless.

I have no regrets… my entire journey was amazing. One of the greatest experiences of my entire life. I certainly couldn’t have done it with out the love and support of my partner and son. It is important that your partner and family supports you in your journey.

The agency was also wonderful. The girls were always so helpful in answering any question or concerns I had. I can’t wait to began my next journey at Gsmoms.”

Surrogate Noel Nupp in California

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