Feb 21 2021

Have a Great Call!

Parents J+M have a called scheduled this week to discuss cycle plans with their IVF doctor. We hope the call goes well and you are able to start a new cycle soon! #TeamGSMOMS #SurrogacySteps

Feb 20 2021

Time for Contracts!

We are so excited for Doshawn from Maine and parent-to-be CY! They are currently working on their gestational carrier agreement with their respective attorneys. It won’t be long and they will be on to the transfer cycle! #TeamGSMOMS #SurrogacySteps

Feb 20 2021

Thank You So Much!

It takes a special type of dedication to be a gestational carrier. This same dedication and drive to help others is found in our front line workers as well! We are honored to work with MM from California. She is a wonderful health care worker and we are delighted to help her on her surrogacy journey! #TeamGSMOMS #SurrogacySteps

Feb 19 2021

Starting Progesterone!

Mimi in Nevada had a great monitoring appointment on Wednesday! She has been approved to stop Lupron and begin progesterone. This means transfer is right around the corner! #TeamGSMoms #SurrogacySteps