Jul 28 2015

IP Grace in Illinois

“My husband and I are truly so full of gratitude for everyone’s kindness through our challenging fertility journey. People like you and Rose sure make this journey of ours more pleasant and less stressful.” – IP Grace in... Read more »
Jul 20 2015

20 Weeks Pregnant: Sibling Journey!

“My name is Athina . I am a first time surrogate. My coordinator is Marlene. She has been with me through every step of the way. I was in the process of signing up and being matched while she was delivering her baby. Listening to her story and getting to hear how delivery went and... Read more »
Jul 20 2015

Out and about with the Doona!

“People stop me when I am out with the Doona, from doctor’s offices, to getting the baby out of the car. The other day I was getting the baby out of the car in the Doona and pushed the one button in order to let the stroller legs come down. A couple more clicks and... Read more »