Feb 18 2016

Looking for an exciting new experience for 2016?

Looking for an exciting new experience for 2016? Want to experience new cultures and help others? Consider being a Gestational Carrier for a couple that is looking to have or grown their family. They cannot achieve their dreams without you! Set your own fees! Between ages 21 and 40 Healthy Pregnancies Help someone’s dream come... Read more »
Feb 18 2016

Check out this Blog on http://www.surrogacybydesign.com/blog/no-offense-but-i-dont-want-your-baby

No Offense, But I Don’t Want Your Baby http://www.surrogacybydesign.com/blog/no-offense-but-i-dont-want-your-baby   February 11, 2016 “Oh wow, you were a surrogate mother?” is usually how the conversation opens. Which is usually followed quickly by “How did you get into that?”, a question that leads into this explanation. Then, nine times out of ten, the very next question that follows... Read more »
Dec 16 2015

Looking for a Surrogate in Illinois!

We just spoke with a great gay couple, B & W, they just moved from San Francisco to Hong Kong and are looking for a surrogate to help them have a family. They are looking for someone between the ages of 21 and 35 that lives in Illinois. They have family in Andover, IL and... Read more »