Mar 2 2021

Happy 17 Weeks!

Happy 17 weeks to Bella in Tennessee! We hope you have a wonderful week! Bella is looking forward to the anatomy scan in a few weeks so the parents can check on their baby. #TeamGSMOMS #SurrogacySteps

Feb 28 2021

Perfect Time to Match!

Insurance enrollment is still open in California, which makes it the perfect time to match with Surrogate229! This 27-year-old mom of three is healthy, has all records in and reviewed, and is exited to help a family grow! #TeamGSMOMS #SurrogacySteps

Feb 26 2021

Working on Pre Birth Order!

We are excited for parents ZH+JN as they are working on their pre-birth order with their surrogate. Wishing you a smooth and easy process as you are one step closer to meeting your baby. #TeamGSMOMS #SurrogacySteps