Jul 20 2015

20 Weeks Pregnant: Sibling Journey!

Athina 9wks 3days line 13“My name is Athina . I am a first time surrogate.
My coordinator is Marlene. She has been with me through every step of the way.
I was in the process of signing up and being matched while she was delivering her
baby. Listening to her story and getting to hear how delivery went and everything,
just made me so much more excited to start my own journey. Marlene called me and asked me how I would like to be her Intended Mother’s new
surrogate. They wanted a sibling journey. Knowing the struggles Marlene had during
her pregnancy, it didn’t even phase me. I knew that I wanted to do this.

My new IPS came to meet me a long with Marlene and we all went to lunch. It
was so much fun to have everyone together. I even got to meet Baby A. I was
very excited to start my journey. We had transfer and Now I am pregnant with another Baby Boy A. Here I am
at 9weeks and 3days pregnant.

This pregnancy has been so interesting. Marlene and I talk and text all the time.
This pregnancy is so very similar to the one that she had. I guess being
brothers, they are the same? We have the same food cravings. Marlene knows what I will end up liking and what I wont, its so fascinating to us.

I have gained so much out of this surrogacy, Its more than just carrying a
baby for someone. I am now 20weeks pregnant, and cannot wait to experience the rest of this pregnancy and the see my Intended Parents with their new baby.”

Surrogate Athina in California

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