Mar 2 2021

Happy 17 Weeks!

Happy 17 weeks to Bella in Tennessee! We hope you have a wonderful week! Bella is looking forward to the anatomy scan in a few weeks so the parents can check on their baby. #TeamGSMOMS #SurrogacySteps

Mar 2 2021

Records Approved!

We are thrilled for Mayeli from California on receiving the great news her medical records were approved by the fertility clinic! She is scheduled for an initial phone call with them later this week! #TeamGSMOMS #SurrogacySteps

Feb 28 2021

Perfect Time to Match!

Insurance enrollment is still open in California, which makes it the perfect time to match with Surrogate229! This 27-year-old mom of three is healthy, has all records in and reviewed, and is exited to help a family grow! #TeamGSMOMS #SurrogacySteps

Feb 28 2021

Experienced and Ready to Match!

Our wonderful experienced surrogate, SV from California, is ready to find her perfect match! She has successfully completed three previous surrogacies and has ob clearance already. We can’t wait for her to start a new journey soon! #TeamGSMOMS #SurrogacySteps

Feb 27 2021

Last Visit Before Baby Day!

RW from Nevada had her last high-risk doctor visit before baby is due! She is doing really well and we are sending lots of positive thoughts for the last few weeks of pregnancy. #TeamGSMOMS #SurrogacySteps