​Choosing to carry a child for another person or couple is one of the most rewarding experiences that one may consider.  If you are comfortable with pregnancy and truly enjoy the gift of life, being a surrogate may be a good choice for you.  In addition, being a surrogate may provide the financial independence, with considerable compensation, to stay at home with your children and family, or establish other financial goals through this experience.  
Making the decision to become a parent(s) is one of the most significant decisions you may make in life. Making the correct match with a surrogate and/or egg donor is the key to creating a meaningful journey.  Whether you are straight or gay, married or single, GSMoms is here to give you the personal attention and commitment that this decision deserves.   
Becoming an Egg Donor is a very rewarding experience for those looking for the emotional benefit and even the financial gain. Helping an intended parent grow their family is the greatest gift you can give and the appreciation for your time and efforts is great.

Egg Donors

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Intended Parents

Can you sell your eggs?

If you become a surrogate mother, it is possible to sell your eggs so that you will help a couple who find it difficult to conceive a baby through a natural way. Infertile couples will be benefited through this process. In this process gestational surrogate moms should get the capacity to deliver the goods in an efficient manner. You should utilize the services of a reputed agency so that there will not be any unethical practice in this matter.

Exploring your options

By selling your eggs, you will help infertile couples to get babies. Egg donation requirements do vary from one agency to another agency. There are number of egg donor agencies. These agencies will carry out thorough background check so that the intended parents’ interests will be protected. You can go through the FAQ so that you will get answers to many questions including ‘how to donate eggs?’ and ‘how to become an egg donor?’

Surrogacy agencies will use the fertile eggs so that surrogate mothers’ help will be taken to fulfill the interests of infertile couple. If the IVF clinic is not at the nearest location, egg donor should travel for about 5 to 10 days. Hence, egg donors should comply with the rules and regulations and they should be willing to travel without any difficulty. The donor application can be filled through online so that the best possible course of action can be initiated. Egg donor process will be initiated once you comply with the rules and regulations.

Finding surrogate right for you

In order to find the right kind of surrogate for you, the screening agency will implement the right kind of strategy. The egg donor pay will depend upon the agency’s pay structure. You can discuss with the agency so that you can manage better egg donation pay so that you will fulfill your financial obligations.

Egg donation process will be implemented in a scientific way so that infertile couples will be benefited. It is not done for commercial applications. If you become an egg donor, you will contribute to the alternate birth processes. These processes are implemented in extreme cases where normal processes fail. Thus, the option will be utilized under desperate conditions only. You can find more information about surrogate mothers and the relations that you would love to have with the surrogate mother as well.

There can be either friendly relation or business relation as per your needs. However, the agency stipulates that the interests of both should be met to carry out the relationship without any issues. The egg donation has achieved high level of sophisticated. However, it should not be misused. The ethical practices should be implemented by the agency. You should choose the agency which follows standards and procedures that are valid through local as well as Federal laws. You can go through the website to know more about their services. Your requirements can be shared through online form or email as well so that you will get quick response.