​Choosing to carry a child for another person or couple is one of the most rewarding experiences that one may consider.  If you are comfortable with pregnancy and truly enjoy the gift of life, being a surrogate may be a good choice for you.  In addition, being a surrogate may provide the financial independence, with considerable compensation, to stay at home with your children and family, or establish other financial goals through this experience.  
Making the decision to become a parent(s) is one of the most significant decisions you may make in life. Making the correct match with a surrogate and/or egg donor is the key to creating a meaningful journey.  Whether you are straight or gay, married or single, GSMoms is here to give you the personal attention and commitment that this decision deserves.   
Becoming an Egg Donor is a very rewarding experience for those looking for the emotional benefit and even the financial gain. Helping an intended parent grow their family is the greatest gift you can give and the appreciation for your time and efforts is great.

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